Washington New Sanctuary Movement

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The Movement Continues...

The Washington New Sanctuary Movement is an interfaith group committed to publicly protecting the rights of all immigrants, especially those at risk of deportation and whose families face unjust separation. We lift up opportunities for immigrants to share their personal experiences of injustice, and for faith communities to unite in response with material, legal, and moral support. We advocate for public policy changes that welcome immigrants as part of our communities, reflecting the human and religious values held by our diverse faith traditions. 

Early February of 2007, numerous faith based organizations in Seattle came together to express solidarity with immigrants who were subjected to workplace raids in Auburn and elsewhere, some of whom were separated from their young children.  The practice of raids, lengthy detentions without due process and deportations has continued unabated since then, despite community calls for a change in policy.


On May 9, 2007 at St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle, we joined our voices to form the New Sanctuary Movement as our pledge to open our hearts and doors to immigrant workers and their families on the brink of deportation. 

Since then we have been advocating on Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR), supporting families of detainees by monthly vigil at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, mobilizing and educating extensively with community and faith based organizations across Western Washington.